Thank you for purchasing an emulator from our shop. The emulators are simple plug & play device. But in case problems with installation with have prepared the installation instructions.

1. Turn the ignition off.

2. Find the white 3-pin plug mat with 3 wires (colors: white, red, brown) under the passenger seat.

3. Unplug seat mat plug and connect the seat mat emulator in its place.

4. If your car is equipped with a seat belt fastener sensor, the seat belt reminder will be on all the time after connecting the mat emulator. In order to eliminate it, a seat belt emulator should be connected to the car's installation (included with the seat mat emulator). Remember to connect it to the car's installation, not to the belt buckle!

5. Usually, after connecting the emulator, it is necessary to remove the error using the diagnostic software.

That's all!