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Seat Occupancy Mat Sensor Emulator for BMW USA X3 F25 (2010-2017)

Reference: BLF0115USA

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Seat Occupancy Mat Sensor Emulator for BMW USA X3 F25 (2010-2017)

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Origin: Made in EU
Warranty: 24 months 
Other info: Seat belt emulator included

The emulator overrides defective occupancy mat error and fix an airbag warning light. Instead of replacing faulty occupancy mat (which requires de-installation of the seat) you can install the emulator which is a safe and inexpensive solution. This is also a great solution if you installed bucket seats. The device sends a signal about the presence of a passenger on the seat (even in his absence). The airbag warning light should be turned off. In case of an accident, airbag will ALWAYS deploy - with or without a passenger on the seat. The device is for diagnostic use only. Do not not place the child seat on the front seat!

Read Carefully Before Purchase

The emulator is neither a toy nor a magical device that solves every SRS problem. BMW cars have a few sensors that can also cause the SRS error, for example: airbag control unit, crash sensor, seat belt pre-tensioners or BST (Battery Safety Terminal). You have to perform diagnosis with a diagnostic device before purchase to make sure your problem is related to a faulty seat mat. Please remember, the message displayed on iDrive is not showing which component is faulty!


BMW with a 3-wired seat mat. This emulator will ONLY work in cars sold in the USA and Canada!!!

- 1 Series F20/F21 (model year: 2011-present)
- 3 Series F30/F31/F34 (model year: 2011-present)
- 5 Series F10/F11/F07 (model year: 2010-2017)
- 7 Series F01/F02 (model year: 2008-2015)
- X3 F25 (model year: 2010-2017)
- X5 F15 (model year: 2013-2018)


Locate the seat mat plug under the passenger seat, remove the original wires from the plug and replace them with the emulator's wires. The LED light on the emulator should start to blink alternately blue/green or red/green light (depends on the emulator). It means the emulator has a signal and connected successfully with the Airbag Control Unit (ACU). The airbag warning light should turn off automatically (sometimes it is necessary to delete old error with a diagnostic device to remove the airbag warning light). No blinking lights or one color missing mean there is a problem with proper communication with the ACU.

After the purchase you will receive detailed installation instruction on your email address. Contact us if you want to read the instruction before purchase.

Let us know if our item is not working properly or is defective. We will help you solve the issue, replace the emulator with a new one or cover the return shipping and give you a full refund. Please remember, sometimes it is also necessary to delete old error with a diagnostic device to remove the airbag warning light.

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Seat Mat Emulator
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24 months
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